Liquor Licence

Liquor Licence

Liquor Licence Available.

In India’s richest state, every time you bake a rum cake or make liqueur-filled chocolates for your family, you could be breaking the law. That’s because you need a liquor permit to use alcohol in food – even for self-consumption.

There’s more to worry. Anyone who serves alcohol to more than 10 people without a liquor permit in a party at home can be arrested.

Drinkers need to comply with these and a host of other rules in Maharashtra, home to India’s financial capital Mumbai, according to Vinay Shirke, inspector, who holds the additional charge of deputy superintendent of State Excise Department, Mumbai City. Shirke, however, told BloombergQuint that his department takes action only when someone complains and they ensure that people are not

unnecessarily harassed for consuming liquor at their homes.

Here’s what you need to legally enjoy a swig or two, or maybe more:

What’s the key requirement to legally drink in Maharashtra?

A liquor permit is essential to drink – even at home. Excise Department Issues Liquor Licence.

What’s the legal drinking age in the state?

You need to be at least 25 years old to consume liquor (strong beer, whiskey, vodka, rum and any other liquors with higher levels of alcohol). But you can drink mild beer (alcohol percentage of up to 5 percent), after turning 21 without the permit.

How much liquor can a person possess and carry at any given time?

Amount of liquor one personal can legally possess in Maharashtra

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